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Under the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, forbidden to hunt sea lions, seals, dolphins, whales and walruses. Keeping them in captivity and using them for commercial purposes is a violation of the convention, to which Turkiye is a signator. Whilst dolphins can be seen along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines they do not breed in the waters. They can be found enjoying the calm and secluded waters of the many coves and bays, particularily around the Kekova area, and often pods will "escort" fishing boats, solo yachts, flotillas and ferries in the open seas.

In April 2010 a Russian businessman opened "Dolphin Park" in Hisarönü, Fethiye, Muğla. For the privilage of diving into murky soup, which the Health Ministry had announced was unfit for humans, and "swimming" with the dolphins, the plebs, [tourists] parted with £20, 50Tl. Those who did take the plunge were advised to have a blood test upon their return home. One 10 year old British boy commented, on BBC World TV, that the pool in his hotel was bigger than the one which was home to the mammals.

Despite demonstrations and petitions, it took until October for the authorities to act and "Micha" and "Tom" were eventually transferred into a purpose built pen, further along the coast away from the crowds of sightseers, and rehabilitated, prior to their release back into the wild. A similar park was opened in Bodrum, Muğla and in 2013 the dolphins kept there were transfered to 'The Dolphin Park' in Kaş, Antalya province, when the Muğla authoritiy's closed the park. However the center, instead of preparing the mammals for their eventual release, used them in 'aquatic shows'. The center was closed twice by the local council for operating without a licence. But it took a lengthy legal battle, by an NGO, before it was eventually closed in May 2013.

The dolphins were transfered on April the 25th to the Moonlight Dolphinarium', Kalkan, from where they to, were released back into the Aegean Sea. International NGO's are monitoring the number of parks that have suddenly appeared in the  Mediterranean Sea and, in particular, along the Aegean coastline of Türkiye, . Some years ago a female trainer was killed in a marine park in Florida, USA, when a normally placid 'Killer Whale' lived up to its name and closed its jaws around her neck.

Whale 1 - Human 0 

Sadly the dolphins cannot retaliate in this manner.

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