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Loukoum was first made in the early 11thC by the Byzantines. In 1777 in a small building in Bahçekap, İstanbul, an immigrant, by the name of Haçi Bekir, began making the sweet, sickly, jelly like confection which he called Loukoum, known today as Lokum. So popular was this sweet in Topkapi Sarayi, that Sultan Abdülhamid appointed him "Imperial Confectioner". With its rapid popularity with the working classes, it made Haçi Bekir a household name. It was not, however, until the 19thC that Europeans discovered this national treasure, when an un-named merchant sent a large consignment of the sweet to London and renamed it, "Turkish Delight." It quickly became popular with the "upper classes" and became a sought after delicacy for Dinners, Balls and Parties in the homes of the rich. The Bekir family still, today, carry on Haçi's traditional trade from the same premises Loukum is traditionally given to ones elders when visiting at bayramii. Grooms also give the sweet to their brides to be on their wedding day. When someone passes from this world into "Paradise", "Cennet", a box of loukum is placed by the door of the room, in which the mortal remains lie. Upon leaving the house, after paying ones respects, mourners take a piece, thus remembering and only uttering the sweet things of the life of the deceased.

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