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Didyma & Miletus & Priene

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Duration: 9 hours (approx.)
Highlights: Didyma Ancient City, Miletus Ancient City, Priene Ancient City.
Operates: Maximum of 12 guests - Guaranteed daily departure from all Kusadasi & Selcuk hotels.
Price: Price on Application

Your guide will meet you in the reception lounge of your hotel and escort you to the Ancient City of Priene, perched on a terrace hewn out of Mount Mycale. The 5,000 seater theatre is one of the finest examples of its kind to be found in Türkiye. To the south are the Temple of Zeus, the agora and the council chamber. Along an avenue to the west is the Temple of Athena Polias, which was commissioned by Alexander the Great and was designed by the architect Pythius. Above the temple is the Temple of Demeter which sits on a hillside. Inside the ramparts, at the bottom of the site, are the stadium and gymnasium.                                                                                                                                               As a maritime port Miletus, Milet, was one of the oldest Ionian cities on the Latmian Gulf and was an important centre of commerce and trade. It was a haven for intellectuals who became known as "The Thinkers of Miletus" and the city became a wealthy commercial centre Two of its most famous sons were Thales and Anaximander. Thales was one of the earliest known scientists and his hypothesis that all things were made of water was a bold and remarkable statement, to say the least. His profound and famous dictum, “Know Thyself”, was inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Delphi. Anaximander produced the first map of the known world. There is an extremely impressive 24,000 seat theatre which was built circa 1stC AD. The Baths of Faustina, which were dedicated to the wife of Marcus Aurelius, date from the mid- second century and are extremely well preserved. At the harbour stands a monument to celebrate the victory of Augustus over the naval fleet of Cleopatra in 31BC,The Temple of Apollo at Didyma is a huge impressive and awe inspiring, massive monument located on the Aydin road. It was here in the 10thC BC that priests interpreted the trance induced mutterings of the Delphic priestesses. The Temple was sacked by the Persian invaders

The oracle of Apollo Branchidae, the most renowned oracle of the Hellenistic world, remained silent and in ruins until Alexander the Great arrived and was told by the oracle that he was the son of Zeus. He was so impressed with this wonderful news that he ordered the re-construction of the temple. The construction continued for over 500 years, until the Christian era arrived and the priests were evicted by Theodusius I in 392AD. Although the Temple was never completed it ranked as the third largest monument in the ancient world.A church was built in the inner sanctum which was meant to cleanse the site of its pagan traditions and associations. The outer alter is accessed via huge steps and twin tunnels run down to the inner sanctum. The Bust of Medusa, which was part of the relief which adorned the architrave above the outer columns, is a must for photographers and sunset sees huge shadows, of the fluted columns, being cast.  After the tour you are returned to your hotel in Kusadasi or Seljuck






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