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Bursa Tour

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Escape from the bustle of Istanbul and visit the most pleasant of Turkye`s big city`s. Walk in the green hills, take a cable car ride up Mount Uludağ or just wander through the streets and savour the delights of the once Ottoman capital.


After breakfast we leave the sprawling metropolis and travel by ferry to Yalova, then by luxury Mercedes Sprinter or Vito car to Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and one of the great treasure houses of Islamic architecture. Visit the Green Mosque and the neighbouring Green Mausoleum, both world-renowned for their superb Iznik tiles. The Great Mosque or Ulu Camii, was commissioned by Bayezid I in 1396 and was completed in 1399.

There is a stunning amount of calligraphy which adorns the walls. On the west wall are two “Daisy Chains” with petals, made of Arabic letters, the sheen and waw creates circles around verses from the Holy Qur'an. The walnut mimber is richly carved with geometric patterns. Close to the center of the mosque stands a three tiered fountain, a sadirvan, beneath a glass dome which illuminates the dark interior, whilst the sound of the gently cascading water fills the mosque. The Emir Hani is one of the largest bazaars in Anatolia, which is virtually hassle free due to its lack of tourists. The bargains to be had are of locally woven silk and, in particular, cotton.

Bursa is noted for its fine towels, reputed to be the finest in Türkiye, if not the world. After enjoying a cable car ride up the slopes of Mount Olympus, Uludağ, we have lunch at one of Bursa’s most famous Turkish restaurants, the Daruzziyafe. Here you will enjoy the finest Ottoman cuisine in a historic setting where Sultan Murat the Second once dined.

After the tour we return to your hotel in Istanbul.

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