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The historic sites of Southeast Anatolia, thought to be the birthplace of Ibrahim, Abraham, await your visit. On the northern Mesopotamian plain is the ancient city of Diyarbakir. Wander through its narrow winding streets and visit the Grand Ulu Mosque, modeled on the great Ummayad Mosque of Damascus, the Mosque of the Prophet with its striped minaret of alternate layers of local black and white basalt stone, and the beautiful Palace Gate. Balikli Gol, believed to have been created by God to extinguish the funeral pyre built by the Assrian King Nimrod to burn Abraham  By the pool, filled with "Sacred Carp" is  the 12th- century Great Mosque.

On the summit of Mount Nemrut  the grandiose funeral monument to 1st- century King Antiochus is with the stone heads which adorn the posters and brochures

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